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Revived my blog

I’ve just revisited my blog, havent touch for ages. Tried out the new appearance, a little revive.. I’ll see what I can blog about..


DIY IKEA TV Media Furniture Project – Final

This is how the old TV Cabinet looks like, very classic look and the 42″ LCD TV looks big haha.


After all the fixing, here’s the completed TV Media Cabinet after total of 12 hours + of assembling.



Some Night shots with the living room lights turned off





So what’s left it’s the Glass door cabinet, hope during March IKEA will have stock,I guess another trip down to IKEA again sometime in March.

DIY IKEA TV Media Furniture Project – Part 3

All the cabinets, frames, panels, doors been fitted. The 42″ LCD TV indeed looks smaller on the new Media cabinet though lol perhaps in the future time for a bigger screen. All the cables are routed right behind the TV Frame and route it to the below cabinet for the connection of the PS3 and Astro. It feels great when everything is fitted and of course it’s like a total makeover from the old 30 year old + TV cabinet ,which you guys could see a picture of it when I post the final post.


Next, we assembled the two IKEA Glass Cabinet which each weigh about 40kg. Two people needed to assemble this glass cabinet, it’s impossible to assemble by your own. What is it for? partly to display flagship Lego models as an avid Lego collector. Added two spot lights to the glass cabinet, which minor modifications needed for the wires since it’s abit too short , I had to cut them and extend them with a new wire.


Now for the lighting part, that’s me standing on the ladder.. hahaha!! . For the lighting part. 3 spotlights & 3 sets of LED strips. During the process we had a dilemma on where to place the spotlights and to route the wires as we want them hidden as possible!. After hours of thinking, we finally started off by drilling holes for the spotlight and routing of the wires to the top cabinet. For the LED strips one is placed right behind below the LCD TV and the other two sets are right on top of the top cabinets facing up the walls. Not to forget the cables are not long enough so I had to mod and extend it with a new cable. Lastly added spring loaded for the top cabinet doors.


DIY IKEA TV Media Furniture Project – Part 2


As work began by assembling the base cabinets first and then markings on the wall for the TV Frame to be drilled.The TV frame bracket is then drilled to the wall and screwed on to the base cabinet, Routing the cables through the the frame to be totally hidden.

ImageAfter assembling the TV wall frame panels and wall mount, as seen on the pic below, I had to cut a small hole shaped “U” using my Black n Decker RTX 1 rotary tool for the cables to route to the LCD TV. Then we placed the left cabinets and screw to join them up.


DIY IKEA TV Media Furniture Project – Part 1

It was just a week before the Chinese New Year, Me and my bro came up with this idea to replace our old 30 year old + TV cabinet and of course the ideal furniture we could think of is IKEA, as we scouted some TV cabinets at some furniture shops in Penang, highly overpriced and yet not suited to our liking and design. Sadly there’s no IKEA in Penang which is located at Kota Damansara. We browsed through the website and decided on the IKEA BESTA series TV/Media Furniture. So this was a very last minute plan was made on the 1st of February which is on a Friday. Early Saturday morning I drove down to KL and met up with my bro and first check into Boulevard Hotel, Midvalley in time before the traffic jam starts as Midvalley is always jam during the weekends. We went to Sunway Giza to have Chili Pan Mee for lunch and straight to IKEA , literally we were there from 3pm-8pm. We managed to get all the frames & cabinets/glass cabinet but sadly they were run out of stock for the glass doors :(. After the purchase we had to load those boxes into the car, suprisingly we manage to pack all the boxes into the car as pic shown below. This was really crazy hahaha.. we had to park infront of the hotel due to the full load of stuffs worrying cause the hotel car park is shared with midvalley. The next day, depart and drove back to Penang.



Happy Chinese New Year 2013 – Year of Snake

First of all, people might be wondering what happened to this blog? It’s dead & no updates at all. I was very busy and haven’t been taking pictures that much during the year 2012.

This year 2013, I collaborated with the ParteeBoo – The Party Designers  to capture pictures for their clients party or celebrations as part-time and of course it’s quite challenging especially capturing pictures of young children. Well I love what I am doing & It’s nice to see those happy moments captured in an image which portray happiness and joy. A very big thanks to ParteeBoo for giving me this opportunity. Do check them out their Facebook Page ParteeBoo and give them a like.

Detailing – Honda City Black

Hey guys, I would like to share out with you guys about what I did today. So my first impression when I received the car , it was like … in a bad condition, well it had alot of scratches & the worst part is the watermarks all over the car. Firstly I washed the car , then clayed the whole car, after that round checks for scratches all around. I managed to remove some of the scratches with Meguiar’s Scratch X & the headlamp had to be polished with Meguiar’s PlastX, it was yellowish indeed. Begining with the detailing process I had to use Meguiar’s Step 1 Paint Cleaner followed by Step 2 Polish and lastly Meguiar’s NXT Tech Wax 2.0.

From this pic you could see a masking tape in the middle , the right side is not being detailed yet as you could see the watermark spots, the left side polished most of the watermarks came out, but I had to cut off one more layer.

Detailing Polishing"

A close up pic of the watermarks, LOOK AT IT FOLKS , look how tremendous those watermarks are stubborn as ever.

Detailing Polishing"

Onwards from this picture are the finishing Results after Polishing & Wax

Detailing Polishing"

Detailing Polishing"

Detailing Polishing"

Detailing Polishing"

Not to forget I also did engine bay cleaning , which I didn’t had much time to even take pics as well the interior.

Weber Spirit E-210

Last Year we tried filming this video with a Canon Body( kalvin’s fren cam) with 50mm f1.8 just for fun purpose,

Yup that’s me doing the grillin & my buddy kalvin filming the vid..

Special thanks to KalvinKhoo for the video and his effort , If you wish to see more of his videos

Kalvin Khoo Youtube


My Wedding & Food Gallery photos are up on the portfolio pages

Food Photography Portfolio"

Wedding Photography Portfolio"

Wish to see more?? head onto Portfolio page

Left to go Event Gallery,

So guys it’s 29th!! of February, time flies .. here comes March, hope you guys have a good month ahead!

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